About HushCush 4 in 1 Nursing Pillow

 HushCush is a versatile Multi Award winning nursing pillow that slides onto forearm. It stays securely in place and doesn’t shift or slides like other crescent nursing pillows, giving amazing support and security for both mother and baby. It helps properly position baby tummy-to-tummy with you at good height that saves you from painful slouching. Baby’s head, neck and spine remain in alignment for better latching on. Ergonomically designed to aid baby’s digestion. 

HushCush can be used during pregnancy to support your back when seated. Place between the knees while resting or sleeping, or use as wedge to rest under your tummy when lying on your side. When baby comes, it becomes an indispensable aid for both breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Cushioned sleeve helps support baby and take the perspiration and strain off your arm. HushCush is small, ideal as portable travel pillow from baby through to a toddler. Comes with a removable strap for easy transport. Retains mother’s familiar scent and helps with transitioning baby to restful sleep. 

Additional Outer Covers are also available to purchase separately.

Developed with breastfeeding experts and many nursing mothers.

- Washable SlipCover

-Made form 100% cotton fabric

Inner pads: Hand wash only
- Made for 100% cotton fabric
- Filling Hypoallergenic 100%  virgin fibre 

Using the HushCush can help promote lasting relationship between the infant and Dad. That can be enhanced by physical closeness such as cuddles, bottle feeding, soothing or eye-to-eye contact. Experiencing that close connection, along with father's scent, is both soothing and calming. 


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