The benefits of the HushCush nursing pillow

benefits of the hushcush nursing pillow


HushCush nursing pillow is designed to provide comfort and support when nursing, soothing or just cuddling an infant. The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold the baby close in the tummy-to- tummy position for optimum comfort. It helps to promote a good breastfeeding position for a healthy latch. Your baby’s head is supported higher than the tummy to aid digestion and may also help to reduce reflux. Small and discreet, the HushCush nursing pillow is perfect to use at home, on the go or when travelling with your baby.



Small, light and discrete to use wherever you might be. When at home or out and about with the baby! Comes with a removable strap for easy transport.

Secure and Intimate

The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold the baby close, in the optimum tummy-to-tummy position, offering the feeling of security and intimacy. Can be used when sitting down or standing up.

Help Reduce Reflux and Aid Digestion

The baby is elevated to the breast in a diagonal position - the correct angle for feeding.

Under Arm Support

Relieves strain on mum's back, neck and shoulders whilst nursing or bottle feeding. 

Soothing and Calming

The HushCush pillow holds on to mother's scent, so regardless of who is holding the baby, mum's presence can always be felt and the baby will recognise it! 

Relieves Pressure

No stress point under baby's head or mum's arm, creating a comfortable and cosy place for baby to feed and rest. Helps with transitioning baby to a restful sleep.

Encourage Good Latching and Positioning

Baby's head, neck and back are well supported throughout the feeding and remain in alignment. Baby is held close, tummy-to-tummy for a healthy latch.



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