Our Mission

The HushCush is a social venture founded by Jana Howard.

I am a mother to 3 children with plenty of breastfeeding experience. After struggling with breastfeeding myself, I created the HushCush for my own comfort and support.

I feel very determent about helping and supporting women to breastfeed with confidence. I also feel very passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK and enabling women to breastfeed in comfort for as long as they wish!

Presently only 81 percent of new mothers start off breastfeeding their newborns. However, when their babies are 6 weeks old only 36 percent are still breastfeeding, despite their best intentions and all the evidence that 'breast is best' for their baby. This means that the UK has some worst breastfeeding rates in the world. So why do so few continue breastfeeding? Women have been breastfeeding their babies from beginning of time. That doesn't mean, however, that it's something that just happens on its own. After all, you've never breastfed before, and your newborn has never eaten before, from a breast or otherwise. New mums may experience pain and discomfort, problems getting a baby to latch on properly or the demands of establishing breastfeeding can all hinder breastfeeding.

HushCush offers much needed comfort and support from pregnancy all the way to toddlers years, so you can relax and enjoy the most precious moments with your baby!

Using the HushCush can also help promote lasting relationship between the infant and Dad. That can be enhanced by physical closeness such as cuddles, bottle feeding, soothing or eye-to-eye contact. Experiencing that close connection, along with father's scent, is both soothing and calming. 


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