"I received the HushCush as a gift from a friend of mine in Tunbridge Wells.It is one of my favorite baby essentials and a day does not go by when I don't use it.I'm telling all my friends how great it is and sharing it with other expectant mums.Thanks for a great product!"

Lucy from Leeds


"Yes,Yes! I love my HushCush. I'm using it for every feed and take it with me wherever I go.It's very comfortable, highly portable and perfect for breast feeding when I am out and about. Nice and easy to use. Waaay better then other nursing pillows I have ever seen!

 I like the compact design and the strap is great.I just hang it over the pram and off we go... The gap is very handy for keeping in the nursing cover.

 The outer cover and pillows are easy to remove and wash,as I have done it a few times.Very much recommend to all new mums!

Thank you for this wonderful product!!!"

Hannah Webb, Mayfield


"I recently ordered a HushCush for my granddaughter and she LOVES IT! I really believe that you've got a great idea and product and I am happily doing my part to get the word out.Thank you for getting the order out so quickly."

Meg, Lewis


"What a relief! I now feel so much more confident and comfortable with my breast feeding.The HushCush has been a fantastic baby essential. Great for comfort and support for my arms.Another superb attribute to it's portability.Stylish and small ,I have it always hanging on my pram and take the HushCush with me where ever I go. The gap between the pillows is great for keeping in the nursing cover.Very much recommended!

I LOVE MY HushCush :-) "

Sarah, Tunbridge Wells


"I can't imagine being a new mum without the HushCush! It's Godsend for Max and I.We use your product more than anything else,except nappies.We can't function without the HushCush anymore.I am so proud to be able to share this item so they can feel the ergonomic benefits we have holding or feeding our baby for hours with no neck pain or back pain!Not to mention the benefits of encouraging intimacy with constant cuddling.Thank you for this amazing product !! "

Maria, East Sussex

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