HushCush Grey Nursing Pillow

HushCush is a padded nursing arm pillow that slides onto a forearm, rather than sits around the waist. It stays securely in place allowing mum to naturally bring baby up to the breast to nurse rather than leaning over, which is ideal for latch and positioning, facilitating successful breastfeeding. The ergonomic design helps evenly distribute baby’s weight and makes it perfect for C- section tummies. It also helps keep baby at an incline angle during feed to aid baby’s digestion and to help reduce reflux by swallowing less air and using gravity to hold the milk down. Comes in one size that fits all, regardless of size or shape.
HushCush is very versatile and can be used during pregnancy as a lower back support or as  a wedge when sleeping on the side.
HushCush is stylish and highly portable, ideal for today’s on-the go mums. Comes with a strap  for portability and can be used on the plane, train or in the car. 
It also retains mother’s familiar scent and makes it ideal to use for neonatal care or for babies who suffer with separation anxiety.


Removable washable cover.  Made from 100% cotton fabric, feels soft and comfortable against baby's skin.

Inner pads

Made from 100% cotton and hypoallergenic Virgin fibre

Safety compliance BS 5852, ISO 9001:2008








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