HushCush Pink Nursing Pillow


More than just a Nursing Pillow...

HushCush nursing pillow is the latest innovation in nursing products. Cleverly designed to slide onto your forearm, offering a wonderful place of comfort and security for your baby when nursing, soothing or during cuddle times. The sleeve stays securely in place, allowing you to hold the baby close, in tummy-to-tummy position for optimum comfort. The padding help maintain the most ergonomic position for a healthy latch. Baby's head is supported higher than tummy to aid digestion and may help reduce reflux. Can be used in various breastfeeding positions.

HushCush retains mother's scent, so regardless of who is holding the baby, mum's presence can always be felt and the baby will recognise it! 

Comes with a removable strap for easy transport and can be used when out and about or for air travels!

HushCush Benefits

  • Comforting; retains mother's scent 
  • Secure & intimate
  • Helps maintain the most ergonomic position for easy latching on
  • Inclined angle helps aid digestion 
  • May help reduce reflux 
  • Reduces pressure under baby's head and mum's arm
  • Takes away the strain on your back, neck and shoulders 
  • Beneficial for the mother and baby
  • One size fits all
  • Small, light and highly portable
  • Great for air travels
  • Suitable for breastfeeding or bottle feeding 
  • British Design
  • Loved by parents and breastfeeding experts


31x 31 x 13 cm


Made from 100% cotton fabric, feels soft against baby's skin.

Inner pads 

100% Hypoallergenic Polyester Virgin fibre

Safety compliance BS 5852

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